2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts for the Bird Enthusiast


For the bird lover who would be thrilled to see a pileated woodpecker or flicker visit their feeder, this is the gift to pick!  These suet feeders are especially designed with tail-props to attract large woodpeckers to any backyard setting.  They come in bamboo and cedar and can also hold in-shell peanuts!

Gifts for the Gardener

For the gardener on your list!  Beneficial Insect Houses increase plant health and performance, provide nesting locations for pollinators and provide shelter for beneficial predatory insects all without the use of any harmful chemicals!  These houses come in a variety of sizes so you can find one to fit large or small spaces.

Gifts for the Last Minute Shopper


Looking for something quick and easy to wrap? All of our hand blown glass nectar feeders come in easily wrapped packaging. Check out the various color options available on our website. These continue to be a customer favorite year after year!

Gifts on a Budget

Our best gift under $15 is also one of our newest. Our Farmhouse Easy Clean™ feeder (model # WWWPRB-DECO) holds up to 2.8 quarts of seed and brings a unique farmhouse style to the birding experience. Innovative design allows for complete disassembly for a thorough cleaning. 

Stocking Stuffers


Need a stocking stuffer idea? How about two? First, our Single Flower Hummingbird Feeders come in pink and purple or in a red and yellow multi-pack. Second, our Mason Jar Hummingbird Feeder was an instant hit after its debut last fall and is as cute as it is practical with an easy-clean and easy-fill design.  

Gifts for the Beginning Birder


Know someone just starting to dabble in birding? Tray feeders (also called platform feeders) are the perfect gift! They are easy to use and provide ample viewing space from all angles to see the variety of birds that are sure to visit. Ours come in a variety of sizes and materials so that you can pick just the right gift based on your budget!

Gifts for Grandpa


Does Grandpa put jelly out for the orioles in a tuna can or yogurt container?  Upgrade him to one of our NEW oriole feeders that are easy to use and easy to clean. The Wire Oriole Feeder is ready to use with just a scoop of grape jelly and a sliced orange! Our All-In-One Oriole Buffet has spots for jelly, oranges and nectar to please even the most finicky of orioles.

Gifts for Grandma


Our Cedar Bluebird Box House model CWH4 has a stay-clear panel under the clean-out door that allows for nest viewing while protecting the birds.  What a great activity to do with the grandkids!

Gifts to Match Country Décor

Our Country Bluebird and Wren Houses come in a variety of trendy colors and are as functional as they are decorative! Bluebird Houses are available in Walnut, Maple or Weathered and Wren Houses are available in Mauve, Plum, and Teal. These houses can be placed outside to attract a wide variety of birds, or could also be used indoors as accessories to match country décor.

Gifts for the Farmhouse Fanatic

Our Farmhouse line of products includes feeders and houses white-washed for that farmhouse look that is so popular right now.  Still made with naturally rot and insect resistant premium cedar, these products bring an elegant and trendy look to any birding experience!

Gifts for Year-Round Bird Feeding

Do you have a friend or family member who makes sure the birds are fed year-round and in all types of weather?  If so, our Cedar Hopper Feeders are the perfect gift.  They come in a variety of sizes and styles, with or without suet holders and with extra spacing to accommodate bigger birds like cardinals or jays.

Gifts for the Environmentalist


Did you know that bats often consume their weight in insect pests each night? Nature's Way Bat Houses are products that help keep your backyard bug populations in check naturally without the use of harmful chemical sprays!  Pick from single chamber house that has a 60-bat capacity or our triple-chamber that holds up to 300!

The Perfect Pair


Pair our brand new Bluebird Buffet feeder with our classic Bluebird House and you have the perfect gift for the bluebird lover in your family.  Our newest feeder provides spots for bluebird favorites like fruit, suet and mealworms and our house has the distinctive Nature's Way black roof and features like a mesh floor, air vents and clean-out door.  The perfect pair!

Still need ideas?  We still have lots of other options on our website including all our newest items and products on sale!

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