Why Bamboo?

We've been at this for nearly 30 years, enjoying the beauty and intrigue of birds in our own backyard.  We know first-hand the importance of high-quality materials for feeders and houses and that’s why bamboo was an obvious choice!  Bamboo is among the most durable and sustainable materials and we bring that quality to you through Nature’s Way Bird Products feeders and houses. 

Bamboo is strong and your feeders and houses will stand the tests of weather, rodents, insects and fire.  The tensile strength of solid Cross-ply™ bamboo is comparable to steel, and its’ crush strength is greater than concrete.  Solid Cross-Ply™ bamboo does not warp, swell, and shrink like most other woods and has superior resistance to backyard pests.

Bamboo is sustainable and you can feel good knowing you’ve purchased a feeder or house made of the most rapidly renewable resource on the planet.  Did you know that bamboo can be harvested every 4-6 years compared to a 40-60 year growth cycle for most hardwoods?  Plus a stand of bamboo can generate 200 poles in five years – the same length of time it takes one tree of a fast-growing hardwood species to grow big enough to cut down.

Bamboo is an environmentally sound choice.  Bamboo’s root structure and grass-like features stabilize the soil reducing erosion.  It retains water in the watershed while using little for growth, reduces runoff, sustains riverbanks, and helps mitigate water pollution due to its intake of nitrogen.  Because the original plant is not damaged when harvested, it can be replenished with virtually no impact to the environment – no tilling to replant and  little or no pesticides or fertilizers to grow.  In fact, when compared with an equivalent stand of trees, bamboo takes in 5 times the amount of greenhouse gases and produces 35% more oxygen.

Bamboo is an incredibly versatile material, having been used to make furniture, weapons, tools, water-bearing systems, building structures, clothing from the fibers, and as a food source.  It’s no wonder Nature’s Way Bird Products is using this ‘green’ product for our birdhouses and birdfeeders!

Bamboo is the most environmentally sound plant in the world – sustainable, cost effective, and ecologically responsible!


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