Father's Day Gift Guide for the Backyard Birder

Help dad reconnect to nature this Father’s Day with a bird feeder, birdhouse and birding accessories! Forget about ties and coffee mugs and give him a gift that will bring him hours of joy, relaxation and excitement as he experiences backyard birding. From the beginning birder to the birding enthusiast, here are our top picks for dad this year.

Give dad a hand with the chores

The Handle-it Bag Clip is the all-in-one solution for using and storing big bulky bags of bird seed, lawn fertilizer, pet food and more! Simply clip and secure the Handle-it Bag Clip onto bags up to 40 lbs and up to 16” wide and use the built-in handle to carry them back and forth as you complete your chores. The built-in funnel and pour spout make precision pouring easy with less mess to clean up afterwards. Eliminate the need for extra bulky storage bins and maximize organization in your garage or shed.

carry pour store

Shop the Handle-it Bag Clip.

Take his backyard birds to the farmers market

Take your backyard birds to the Farmers Market with a beautifully decorated bird feeder or birdhouse from the Farmhouse Series! Included in this collection are a vertical hopper feeder, horizontal hopper feeder, two tube feeders, a wren house and a Bluebird house. Bring a rustic look to your birding experience and attract a wide variety of birds to your yard!

hopper feeder vertical feeder

 bluebird house

Shop the Farmhouse Series.

Check the Oriole off his list

Orioles are a must-see on any backyard birder’s list. Although they’re known to be more skittish than other birds, you can attract Orioles to a bird feeder by offering jelly, nectar and fruit slices. With this wire Oriole feeder, you can simultaneously feed jelly and fruit to serve up a variety for your birds! A continuous ring allows for optimal perching space for multiple birds. A clear protective baffle shields the feeder and its contents from the weather while maintaining optimal bird viewing.

oriole feeder

Shop the Wire Oriole Feeder.

Help him feed the Finches

Finches love eating Thistle/Nyjer and finch blends, but this type of seed is small and can fall through the ports or trays of other feeders. This mesh tube feeder helps contain small seed and comes with a seed tray attached to the bottom to catch seeds, preventing mess on the ground while also promoting water drainage and creating additional perching space. The Funnel Flip-Top provides a 38% wider opening for easy filling and less wasted seed! The patented baffle system separates seed into multiple levels that drain individually to keep seed at multiple levels so more birds can continue to feed even when the seed levels start to get low!

finch feeder

Shop the Funnel Flip-Top Mesh Finch Feeder.

Keep squirrels off his bird feeders

Having squirrel problems at your feeders? With four squirrel-stopping features, this ultimate squirrel proof feeder is sure to leave the squirrels stumped! A wide, dome-shaped roof acts as a built-in squirrel baffle while spring-loaded weight-sensitive perches will collapse under the weight of a squirrel. A weight-sensitive outer tube compresses under the weight of a squirrel, blocking seed ports. As opposed to a metal cage that provides the perfect foothold for pesky squirrels, this feeder features a durable smooth metal tube that offers no gripping surface. This feeder has a 2.5 quart seed capacity which means you'll spend more time enjoying watching the birds and less time making trips out to refill the feeder!

squirrel proof feeder features

Shop the Metal Squirrel Proof Tube Feeder.

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