At Nature’s Way Bird Products, we create distinctively advanced bird products.  Our INNOVATIVE DESIGN technology is combined with SUPERIOR QUALITY for ease-of-use and long-lasting durability.


Tube Feeders

Nature’s Way Bird Products’ Twist&Clean tube feeders’ patented designs include these innovative solutions:

  • Our Twist & Clean™ design allows you to twist and remove ALL parts in seconds (not just the base) without using any tools for thorough cleaning.  ALL parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Our patented Even-Seed™ baffles hold seed at EVERY level and divert seed to the feeding ports.  Now you can enjoy many more birds at every level of your feeder. 
  • Our 6-sided tubes are up to 50% wider than other tube feeders on the market, which make refilling faster and easier with less spilling.  The 6-sides also allow you to view 50% more birds than a traditional round tube feeder. 
  • Our innovative sunflower and thistle horizontal tube feeders feature Slide Connect™ to maximize vertical hanging space with multiple feeders.

Twist & Clean™




Wood Feeders

<pNature’s Way Bird Products Cedar and Bamboo Feeders offer a Fresh Seed™ tray which eliminates poor water drainage and air flow below the seed.  These Fresh Seed™ trays, made of rust-free metal, have oval holes which allow for maximum water drainage and air flow to keep the seed fresh, eliminating moldy, rancid seed.   And because clean feeders are important for healthy backyard bird flocks, all of Nature’s Way Bird Products Fresh Seed™ trays are easily removable for quick and easy cleaning. The unique seed diverter shape makes seed flow to the sides where birds feed.


Water Drainage & Air Flow


Fresh Seed™ tray


Seed Diverter


Nectar Feeders

Nature’s Way Bird Products introduce Easy Fill & Clean™ Nectar feeders, having the largest lid and base openings in the industry (approx. 4”), making filling and cleaning quick and easy.  They are also dishwasher safe.


Nature’s Way Bird Products has designed our nectar feeders with silicone gaskets to prevent leaks and drips at key connection points.


Bird Houses

Nature's Way Bird Products' Cedar and Bamboo houses offer a unique combination of the most important design elements for attracting and maintaining the maximum number of birds having successful broods.  These designs include:

  • Top, side and bottom air vents
  • Predator guards
  • Fledgling skerfs
  • Elevated mesh floors
  • Easy-open clean out doors

Top, Side & Bottom Air Vents


Elevated Mesh Floors


Fledgling Skerfs


These houses also meet the specifications of the North American Bluebird Society (NABS) and Cornell Lab of Ornithology, among others.