About Us

The owners of Nature’s Way Bird Products have always enjoyed a deep appreciation of nature, and putting up their first birdfeeder almost 30 years ago as a learning experience for their children soon grew into a lasting family hobby. 

Their move to northeast Ohio presented them with an abundance of local and migratory birds to watch, and the number of birdfeeders increased and birdhouses soon followed.  Before long, birdfeeders and birdhouses were being built together by dad and kids for use in the yard and to give as gifts to family and friends.  The family learned many enjoyable lessons over the years:  types of seed birds preferred; interesting food and house choices birds sometimes make; and dealing with sparrows that thought the bluebird houses were for them!

As this hobby developed, they also grew to notice the inadequacies of feeders and houses on the market, as well as the lack of innovation and support offered to independent specialty retailers.  With 30 years of sales and marketing experience under their belts paired with a true love of birding, research, prototypes, and field testing soon followed.  Consulting with independent store owners, park district naturalists, birders, and business professionals across the country, they developed a new line of birdfeeders and birdhouses, and Nature’s Way Bird Products was born!

Nature’s Way Bird Products has 15 patents and 7 trademarks pending that offer the most innovative designs and superior quality in the industry:

  • Cedar and Bamboo Birdhouses offer a unique combination of the most important design elements for attracting and maintaining the maximum number of birds having successful broods.  These houses also meet the specifications of the North American Bluebird Society (NABS) and Cornell Lab of Ornithology, among others.
  • Cedar and Bamboo Birdfeeders feature Fresh Seed™ trays and diverters that keep the seed fresh and make the seed flow evenly to the areas where the birds feed.
  • Twist&Clean Tube Feeders feature Twist & Clean™ and Even-Seed™ technologies, as well as 6 sides to allow easier filling and the viewing of 50% more birds.  The innovative horizontal feeders with Slide Connect™ are also featured.
  • Nectar Feeders introduce Easy Fill & Clean™, with the largest lids and bases in the industry, and silicone gaskets to prevent leaks and drips.

The Nature’s Way Bird Products’ houses and feeders are sold only through independent and small chain retailers across the country.  Products can be purchased directly from Nature’s Way Bird Products (Contact Us) and a variety of distributorsNature’s Way Bird Products’ innovative, industry-leading designs address the issues of the bird feeding community and the needs of the independent specialty store owners, consumers, and, most importantly, the birds!



Our warehouse utilizes the most advanced processes for tracking, receiving, storing and shipping products. We are capable of receiving in, and shipping out, products in full container, truckload, or parcel post from and to anywhere in the world.

We utilize the latest technology such as RFI scanning, carton bar coding, bin location bar coding and pallet serialization to insure the highest inventory and outbound shipment accuracy.

We have full EDI capabilities, such as ordering, invoicing, ASN, POS, and a variety of other data exchange processes.



Engineering Design 

Because Innovative Design is one of two key components our company is built around, we have an experienced staff of design engineers and graphic designers that are equipped and trained on the latest software and hardware tools on the market. Their goal is to design the most innovative and best performing products in the industry.




Because Superior Quality is the other key component our company is built on, we employ a large staff in purchasing, process control, and quality control inspectors. We also have a broad range of factories and suppliers in the USA and Asia.  Our process and quality control inspectors visit our factories on a regular basis to insure our high quality standards are met every day in every factory.

We inspect incoming parts, various stages of the assembly process, and the final assembled product prior to packaging for shipment.

These are all investments Nature’s Way makes to insure we deliver Innovative Design and Superior Quality products and services to our valued customers, consumers – and birds!!