The Nature's Way Family

Our History

family owned and operated

Almost 40 years ago, what began as a learning experience for our family soon grew into a lasting hobby and passion for all things birding. Our move to northeast Ohio presented us with an abundance of local and migratory birds to watch. Before long, bird feeders and birdhouses were being built together for use in the yard and to give as gifts to family and friends. We’ve learned many enjoyable lessons over the years - types of seed birds preferred; interesting food and house choices birds sometimes make; and dealing with sparrows that thought the bluebird houses were for them!

As our hobby developed, we also grew to notice the inadequacies of feeders and houses available, as well as the lack of innovation and support offered to independent specialty retailers. With over 30 years of sales and marketing experience under our belts paired with a true love of birding, we began researching, making prototypes and field testing our products. Consulting with independent store owners, park district naturalists, birders, and business professionals across the country, we developed a new line of bird feeders and birdhouses, and Nature’s Way Bird Products was born!

We are proud to carry on our family’s legacy by raising another generation of passionate birders. From beginners to experts, we are committed to educating outdoor enthusiasts of all ages about the importance of conserving wildlife from your own backyard.

toddler boys filling bird feeder toddler girl standing in bird feeder toddler girl filling bird feeder in snow

Our Mission

Bringing wildlife back to your yard in a sustainable, enriching and enjoyable way – just like nature intended!

Our Products

We manufacture a complete selection of top-quality bird products including cedar, bamboo, tube and nectar feeders as well as a variety of bird, bat and insect houses and birding accessories. See our full assortment of products here.

tube feeders, bamboo feeders, cedar feeders, accessories, hummingbird feeders, cedar houses, oriole feeders

Superior Quality

We understand that Mother Nature and Earth’s creatures can create wear and tear on our products. That’s why we take care to construct all our bird feeders and houses with premium materials to ensure our products can stand up to all types of weather.

Innovative Design

We are committed to the health and conservation of wild birds in our communities. Our innovative designs offer a unique combination of features that maximizes the experience for the birds and the birders, all while making it easy for consumers to clean and maintain our feeders.

Proud Member of the Wild Bird Feeding Institute

proud member if the wild bird feeding institute

As a family of passionate birders, we are dedicated to staying informed on the progressive expansion of backyard wild bird feeding. As a proud member of the Wild Bird Feeding Institute, we utilize scientific studies of the practice of wild bird feeding to help engineer our products for the ultimate health, safety and comfort of the birds and to provide you with the best backyard birding experience.

Giving Back

Local Community Garden Insect House Installations

insect house at community garden

You may have heard about the sharp decline in the honeybee population, but in the last 100 years, 50% of Midwestern native bee species have disappeared from their habitats. Most wild plants and many of the crops we consume are dependent on insect pollination, meaning native bees are an essential part of our ecosystems that we should take steps to protect. That’s why we offer a full range of beneficial insect houses to provide shelter and nesting places for power pollinators and predatory insects. To raise awareness and educate others on the importance of beneficial insect repopulation, we’ve installed insect houses in over a dozen local community gardens in northeast Ohio.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Ongoing Donation

hummingbird lemonade stand feeder - alex's lemonade stand foundation donation

To support children and families affected by childhood cancer, we are donating a portion of the proceeds from of the Hummingbird Lemonade Stand feeder to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, a pediatric cancer non-profit organization. As a family owned and operated small business personally affected by cancer, we felt it our duty to find a way to offer our support to others in similar situations. Through this simple gesture of creating the Hummingbird Lemonade Stand feeder, we can provide another way to raise awareness for childhood cancer support. We hope our ongoing donation helps these children and their families during a really challenging time.

Enrichment at Geauga Park District

We have partnered with our local county park district to sponsor a number of educational programs for the community, covering topics from beginning birding to the importance of native pollinators. In addition, we are also continuously working with park naturalists to identify how we can help enrich the community’s park system through feeder and house installations and giveaways to encourage community engagement.

Girl Scouts of the USA and Boy Scouts of America

girl scout holding birdhouse

Bringing together our commitments to the conservation of wild birds in our communities as well as educating outdoor enthusiasts of all ages, we’ve provided support to multiple Girl and Boy Scout troops over the years. By donating products for scout projects, our donations have helped young troops achieve awards that give back and educate their local communities.