Conservation, Innovation + Community
Conservation, Innovation + Community
  • Conservation, Innovation + Community

  • Our commitment to the conservation and creation of beautiful spaces in nature.

Conservation and awareness

The wild bird population has decreased by almost one-third since 1970. Providing food and shelter for birds can aid survival during migration and harsh winters and supplement their diet throughout all seasons.

In the last 100 years, 50% of Midwestern native bee species have disappeared from their habitats. Most wild plants and many of the crops we consume are dependent on insect pollination, meaning native bees are an essential part of our ecosystems that we should take steps to protect.

Innovation and research

We are committed to creating distinctively advanced bird products that enhance the experience for both the birds and the birders. With input from an experienced group of birders who make up our online research community, as well as years of our own birding experience, we take care to listen to all feedback and suggestions to continue improving our product offering. All of our products are designed and engineered at our headquarters in Northeast Ohio. But before they become available for purchase, we make sure to perfect them with field tests for durability and usability.

Trusted resources

Community engagement and giving back

We work hard to give back to our local community in northeast Ohio through enrichment programs, supporting youth projects, community garden installations, and more.