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  • Nature's Way Bird Products says...

    Hi Judy,
    Thanks for reaching out to Nature’s Way Bird Products! Birds are sometimes slow to go to new feeders, especially if you have been offering the suet in other feeders. You can try hanging the upside-down suet feeder tilted to help the birds find the suet. Once they have found it in the new feeder, you can gradually transition it to the upside-down position. We have had other customers who have had success with this method when their backyard birds were not immediately finding the suet in a new upside-down feeder. Another idea is to put some birdseed or whole peanuts on top of the feeder roof to attract birds to the feeder. These would be highly visible to the birds and they will quickly learn that the feeder is a source of food. In addition, we would recommend removing any other suet feeders until the birds find and regularly use your BWF2 or CWF2 upside down feeder. After they have found and are using it, you can put any additional feeders back up. Hope it works for you!

    December 28, 2022

  • Judy Fields says...

    Recently purchased an upside down suet feeder, but no birds have tried it.I know the types of birds they attract, but how do we get them to try it????

    December 28, 2022

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