Bluebird House Mounting and Care

Due to the variety of mounting applications or locations, we do not include any mounting hardware for bluebird houses.

Selecting a Location

In any mounting method, bird houses should be mounted approximately 5 feet off the ground. Houses should be mounted securely facing away from prevailing winds in the area to prevent rain from entering the box. Whenever possible, place the house in a clearing with tall grasses or shrubbery 8-12 feet away.

Don’t be discouraged if birds don’t begin nesting in the house
immediately. Sometimes it takes time for the birds to discover them. For optimum occupancy, place your nest boxes by February in southern areas and mid to late March in northern regions.

Pole Mounting

Bluebird houses can be mounted on a metal pipe/pole using pipe clamps (our preferred method). These materials can typically be found in the plumbing section of the local hardware, plumbing, or fencing store. The pipe clamps should be attached above and below the nesting chamber of the house as shown.


Post Mounting Options

The bluebird house can be mounted directly to a 4x4 post or wooden fence post by screwing through the back board above and below the nest chamber of the bluebird house. We recommend using weather resistant screws at least 1/2" longer than the depth of the back board on the house. Pilot holes can be drilled but typically are not necessary with cedar.

To mount the house onto the top of a 4x4 post, screw down through the bottom of the house into the top of the post.  Be aware that these mounting methods do allow predators easy access to disturb the nest box.

Tree Mounting

We do not advise mounting your bluebird house directly to the trunk of a tree as it allows predators, such as raccoons, easy access to the house. 

Maintaining a Clean Bird House

Birdhouses and nesting boxes should be cleaned at least once each year. All Nature's Way birdhouses feature clean-out doors, making it easy to remove the old nest and any debris that have collected. At minimum, cleaning should be done prior to nesting season in the spring. Some recommend cleaning the nesting boxes after each brood has fledged. This type of maintenance will reduce bird parasite problems and help keep the nest box useful longer.

For more detailed cleaning tips visit our blog post: Spring Cleaning is for the Birds!

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  • Nature's Way Bird Products says...

    Hi Barb, Our cedar houses come with a water-based protective stain on them that helps prevent discoloration, mold/mildew and water damage. There is no need to treat the house with any additional products. If you wished to add an additional coat of stain to either the roof or house, be advised we are not sure how it would adhere due to the coatings already there. If you were to proceed, we would recommend scuffing up the wood a bit so product would adhere better, using a water-based paint/stain and letting the house dry thoroughly before using. A reminder to please not paint or stain the interior of the house. All the best!

    May 27, 2021

  • Barb says...

    Can I stain or paint the cedar blue bird house ?

    May 27, 2021

  • Nature's Way Bird Products says...

    Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for asking. Bluebirds seem to prefer houses that are fixed and not suspended and/or free-swinging. For that reason, I would stick to the mounting methods we have outlined above. All the best!

    April 19, 2021

  • Sarah says...

    I purchased 2 cedar birdhouses with flat backs to be mounted. Could I attach them back to back and suspend them from a tree branch? Like a birdie duplex?

    April 19, 2021

  • Nature's Way Bird Products says...

    Hi John, Thank you for reaching out. We don’t sell or make mounting brackets for our houses so I am not sure what product you would have. My suggestion would be to reach out to where you bought it to see if they can assist you. To reach Nature’s Way Customer Service you can email Thank you!

    April 05, 2021

  • john says...

    u sent a mounting bracket with the bluebird house where should it b mounted top, middle, or bottom of the house thanks for your help

    April 05, 2021

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