Father’s Day gift guide for the backyard nature lover

Help dad reconnect to nature this Father’s Day with a bird feeder, birdhouse, and birding accessories! Forget about ties and coffee mugs and give him a gift that will give him years of enjoyment and relaxation as he experiences backyard birding. From the beginning birder to the birding enthusiast, here are our top picks for dad this year.

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For the dad who has it all
For the hummingbird host
For the different dad
For the oriole obsessed
For the basic birder
For the squirrel stopper
For the finch feeder
For the gardening dad
For the DIY dad

Yard work gifts for the dad who has it all

We could all use a helping hand in the yard! The Handle-it Bag Clip is the all-in-one solution for using and storing big bulky bags of bird seed, lawn fertilizer, pet food and more! Simply clip and secure the Handle-it Bag Clip onto bags up to 40 lbs and up to 16” wide and use the built-in handle to carry them back and forth as you complete your chores. The built-in funnel and pour spout make precision pouring easy with less mess to clean up afterwards. Eliminate the need for extra bulky storage bins and maximize organization in your garage or shed.


Hummingbird feeder gifts for the hummingbird host

Is dad on hummingbird watch this year? Help make it easy for him to care for his hummingbirds with a beautiful new feeder that’s easy to clean and loved by the birds.


Unique bird feeder gifts for the different dad

Birds come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our feeders! You can bring the birdwatching experience inside and help dad observe nature through the window. Or try out a colorful and durable metal gazebo feeder! Help him attract a beautiful bluebird with a bluebird feeder that allows you to feed mealworms, fruit slices, and suet balls simultaneously!


Oriole bird feeder gifts for the oriole obsessed

Orioles are a must-see on any backyard birder’s list. Although they’re known to be more skittish than other birds, you can attract orioles to a bird feeder by offering jelly, nectar and fruit slices.


Birding essential gifts or the basic birder

Whether he’s a beginning birder or a seasoned expert, you can’t go wrong with these birding staples! Made with rot-resistant cedar and rust-free hardware, these basic essentials will be sure to give dad years of birding enjoyment.



Squirrel proof bird feeder gifts for the squirrel stopper

Help him keep the squirrels at bay with a new Squirrel Shield lantern feeder or hopper feeder! These feeders feature locking roofs and weight-sensitive seed covers that block the squirrel's access to seed.



Tube bird feeder gifts for the finch feeder

Does dad love feeding these frequent feeder visitors? Gift him with a specialized mesh finch feeder or gift him with choice! All Nature’s Way tube feeders come with thistle inserts that allow you to feed smaller seed like Nyjer® or finch blends with less spillage.


Insect house gifts for the gardening dad

Help the plants in dad’s garden reach their full potential without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides by using a beneficial bee house! Gentle solitary bees are capable of pollinating up to 20 times the amount of flowers as honey bees.


Build-it-yourself gifts for the DIY dad

For the dad or grandpa who loves building projects with the kids, our My First series of DIY kits are the perfect gift! These kits transform into fully functional houses as you guide a child through assembly and decorate them together. Help teach children the benefits of conserving and supporting wildlife while creating lasting memories in the yard!





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  • Nature's Way Bird Products says...

    Hi Jeff, Thanks for reaching out! The majority of our tube feeders can be used for either sunflower seeds or cracked corn. You can read each product description to see the preferred seed and birds the feeder attracts. Happy birding!

    June 02, 2023

  • Jeff Cooper says...

    Do you have a feeder I can put cracked corn and sunflower seeds in for song birds, but will stop doves and quail from using the feeder? I just want to feed Cardinals, Pyrrhuloxias,Towhee’s and smaller song birds. Jeff Cooper Marana, Az.

    June 02, 2023

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