How to make a pumpkin bird feeder

Making a pumpkin bird feeder is simple – all you need are a few household items to transform your Halloween jack-o-lantern or porch decoration into a festive feeder for the birds!

chickadee on a pumpkin bird feeder

Supplies needed: pumpkin, knife, twine, scissors

Note: To avoid harm from bacteria and chemicals, make sure the pumpkin you’re using does not have any visible signs of molding and has not been treated with a bleach solution.

Step 1: Prep the pumpkin

Cut a lid out of the pumpkin around the stem and use a large spoon to remove the pulp and seeds from the inside of the pumpkin.

Tip: Save the seeds to make pumpkin seeds for the birds!

pumpkin with pulp and seeds inside

Step 2: Cut the pumpkin in half

To create a wider base so that more birds can feed, cut the pumpkin in half around its midsection using a knife. If using a larger pumpkin, you may need to make the cut below the midsection so that the interior isn’t too deep.

pumpkin cut in half

Step 3: Poke four anchor holes

Poke four holes near the bottom of the pumpkin for the hanger.

making a pumpkin bird feeder

Step 4: Create the hanger

Using durable rope, string, or ribbon, cut four equal lengths and thread them through each hole. If your pumpkin is lighter in weight, you may thread two equal lengths through two holes. Tie all the lengths together at the top.

twine for pumpkin bird feeder twin for small pumpkin bird feeder

Step 5: Create drainage

Poke several small holes in the bottom of the pumpkin to allow for water drainage.

bottom of pumpkin bird feeder

Step 6 (optional): Add perches

Small birds are capable of perching on the rim or hopping inside of the pumpkin to feed, but to accommodate larger birds, you can insert sticks or dowel rods around the top of the pumpkin to provide additional perching spots.

Step 7: Fill with seed and hang

Finally, fill the pumpkin feeder with bird seed, pumpkin seeds or dried corn and hang it for the birds to enjoy!

pumpkin bird feeder pumpkin bird feeder with seed

nuthatch on pumpkin bird feeder

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  • Truc says...

    Great ideas… good use of things that might get wasted anyway. Thanks for the info 👍

    October 25, 2021

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