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  • house wren

    Bird Feature: House Wren

    Identifying House Wrens: House Wrens are very small songbirds with rather drab brown coloring, but what vibrancy they may lack in appearance they make up for in the beauty of their song....
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  • Bird Feature: Purple Finch

    Bird Feature: Purple Finch

    Identifying Purple Finches: These small stocky-bodied finches have large powerful conical beaks, shorter wings, and a seemingly short notched tail. Roughly 5 to 6 inches in length, these streaky grayish-brown finches are dimorphous, meaning...
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  • Wild Bird Holidays 2024

    Wild Bird Holidays 2024

    There is so much to celebrate this year! Mark your calendars as a reminder to celebrate everything from fun bird holidays to wild bird conservation events to show some love...
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  • Bird Feature: Northern Cardinal

    Bird Feature: Northern Cardinal

    Identifying Northern Cardinals: This fairly large songbird is easily identifiable with its long tail, short thick bright orange beak, prominent crest, and long tail. Measuring between 8.3 and 9.1 inches in length...
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  • Best bird feeders for winter

    Best bird feeders for winter

    Once the weather becomes colder, daylight fades, and migratory birds have made their journeys south, winter birds begin to take up residence for the long haul until spring. Since their...
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  • Best bird feeders for fall

    Best bird feeders for fall

    Typically beginning around September, migratory songbirds will begin making their trip down south to locations with better resources through the winter. As they journey to their destinations, they’ll make stops...
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  • Fun bird facts

    Fun bird facts

    Time for a bird party! Let's have some fun with our feathered friends and learn a few little-known facts about our backyard birds!   Skip to section Blue Jays Cardinals...
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  • Best bird feeders for summer

    Best bird feeders for summer

    With warmer weather upon us and nesting season behind us, our summer birds are enjoying a few weeks of downtime before they start to prepare for fall migration. Now is...
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