Mother’s Day gift guide for the backyard nature lover

Help mom reconnect to nature and take care of her backyard birds with a new bird feeder, birdhouse, or helpful birding accessory! Give her a gift that will bring her hours of joy and relaxation in the yard and garden. From the mother of birds to the gardening enthusiast, here are our top picks for mom this year.

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For the hummingbird-obsessed
Squirrel-stopping statements
Bring the birds to her window
Vintage feeders she’ll love
Fabulous farmhouse feeders & houses
For the gardening mom
For the DIY grandma
Give her a helping hand

For the hummingbird-obsessed

Does mom care for her hummingbirds like they’re her own children? Consider gifting her a beautiful new hummingbird feeder that will bring even more hummingbirds to her yard.


*NEW* Get connected with nature

Modern shapes, bold colors, and floral patterns will make these top-fill feeders a statement piece in mom's yard. Limited space? No problem! Feed more hummingbirds in one vertical space with Easy Connect!


*BEST-SELLING* Illuminated hummingbird feeder

Gorgeous hummingbird feeder by day. Stunning lantern by night! Our best-selling illuminated hummingbird feeder includes a solar-powered LED that is sure to impress mom.


*NEW* Take a twist on a classic

Inspired by our best-selling illuminated hummingbird feeder, these antique textured glass top-fill hummingbird feeders have a fresh new look with practical features! Take your feeder from hanging hook to tabletop with the dual-use decorative basket. A solar-powered LED light (ANTHF2-I only) transforms the feeder into a beautiful decoration at night.


*BEST-SELLING* Gifts under $15

Our mason jar hummingbird feeders are as cute as they are practical! With a 6 oz. capacity and an easy-clean, easy-fill design, it's the perfect gift for beginners or those with limited outdoor space. New for 2023, our antique teal glass and soft pink flowers will bring an old-fashioned style to the yard.


These single flower hummingbird feeders have one-of-a-kind look coupled with a bee-resistant design. They come in purplepink or a red and yellow multi-pack.


Squirrel-stopping statements

*NEW* Squirrel Shield feeders

Help her stop the squirrels in style with these brand new additions to our Squirrel Shield™ lineup! Multiple squirrel-stopping features work together to keep them at bay while the stylish designs are sure to become a statement piece in her yard.



Bring the birds to her window

Window bird feeders

Bring the birdwatching experience inside and help mom relax throughout the day as she observes nature through the window! Attract all types of birds to the window with a hummingbird window feeder or a seed window feeder – it all depends on what you decide to fill it with!



Vintage feeders she’ll love

*NEW* Antique hummingbird feeders

She’ll love the intricate detail on our new antique textured glass hummingbird feeders! A solar-powered LED light on the ANTHF2-I turns this model into an illuminated decoration at night. Our large capacity gravity feeder is bee resistant and can hold up to 28 oz of nectar!



Vintage floral tube feeders

Bring a decorative vintage feel to her birding experience with these decorative Easy Clean tube feeders! These feeders can be used for sunflower and mixed seed blends, or can also be converted to a thistle feeder with the thistle inserts, allowing her to attract an even wider variety of birds with a single feeder.


*NEW* Gazebo feeders

Have her try a new silhouette with a new gazebo bird feeder! Designed with a channeled and perforated base, these feeders have proper water drainage to keep seed fresh. The wide opening and push toggle roof make for easy filling!


Fabulous farmhouse feeders & houses

What better way to welcome the birds to mom’s backyard than with our rustic and elegant collection of bird feeders and houses? See our top picks below and shop the entire rustic collection to find the perfect fit for the birding mom.

Spring stained glass hopper feeder

Featuring beautiful spring blossoms and butterflies, this versatile hopper feeder has two suet cages and a large 3 quart hopper, letting mom feed a wide variety of birds all in one feeder!


Farmhouse feeders

Take her backyard birds to the farmers market with an inviting farmhouse feeder! With multiple feeder styles in whitewashed and galvanized finishes, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your farmhouse fanatic mom!



Farmhouse birdhouses

Help the birds make a home, sweet home in her backyard with these cozy farmhouse birdhouses! She can attract Bluebirds and Tree Swallows with a Bluebird house or wrens and chickadees with a wren house.



For the gardening mom

Farmhouse bee houses

Help her plants reach their full potential without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides by using a beneficial bee house! Gentle solitary bees are capable of pollinating up to 20 times the amount of flowers as honey bees.


For the DIY grandma

Interactive My First Kits

Give her the gift of quality time with the grandkids and let her creative side shine with our My First series of build-it-together kits! These kits transform into fully functional houses as you guide a child through assembly and decorate them together. Help teach children the benefits of conserving and supporting wildlife while creating lasting memories in the yard!




Give her a helping hand

Handle-it Seed Bag Clip

Everyone could use a helping hand! Help make it easier to get the chores done by gifting the Handle-it bag clip! Handle-it is an all-in-one solution for storing and using big bulky bags of seed, feed, or fertilizer.


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