Indoor activities for kids: birding edition!

When the weather stops you from getting outside to play, find ways to celebrate nature inside with these indoor birding activities! With a combination of both hands-on and online activities for all ages, go on an indoor birding journey until you can get back outside with the birds again.

Build and decorate a bird, butterfly, or bee house kit

Get creative and have fun with your child when you build and decorate a My First bird, wren, bee and butterfly house kit together! Help your child learn about backyard bird identification, native pollinators, and wildlife conservation as you build it, decorate it, and later watch your winged friends move in. These "Build-it-Together” kits include everything you need to get creative: pre-cut wood pieces, nails, 6 acrylic paints, 2 paint brushes, stickers, easy-to-follow instructions and a coloring sheet. Plus, the fun isn’t done once the kit is assembled - every kit comes with more hands-on activity suggestions so you can continue learning together!

mother and child assembling my first birdhouse mother and child painting my first birdhouse child holding finished my first birdhouse

Learn more about each of the My First Kits:

my first DIY kits

My First™ Bird House w/ Viewing Window (Model# DIY-BIRD)

My First™ Pollinator House (Model# DIY-BEE)

My First™ Butterfly House (Model# DIY-BUTTERFLY)

My First™ Wren House (Model# DIY-WREN)

Put up a window feeder

Bring the birdwatching experience inside by putting up this unique window feeder! Teach your child about all types of bird seed and how to attract different types of birds in your area. Change the seed type every two weeks and keep a log of which birds you see the most! This window feeder is built with a suction cup mounting system that attaches directly to your window, giving you a unique opportunity to view the birds up close like never before.

clear view window bird feeder

Learn more about the Clear View Window Feeder (Model# WIN-3).

Print out downloadable coloring pages

Download four easy coloring pages from our My First Kits and learn about how butterflies, bees and birds will use houses for shelter and laying eggs as you color!

Download the printable PDF here.

Listen to bird calls online

Learning bird songs and calls is a great way to identify birds hidden in trees or bushes, faraway birds, birds at night, and birds that look similar to each other. Learn how to identify bird songs and calls and then test your skills by taking this fun online quiz called Bird Song Hero! Next time you’re outside, close your eyes and try to identify the birds you hear around you.

Learn more about the sounds and songs of birds at

Visit the Audubon for Kids website

From bird memory games to craft ideas, the National Audubon Society has dedicated a page to DIY activities, interactive games and other educational content for kids on their website! These activities can be done at home or in a yard or park, sometimes with the help of a computer. The goal isn’t to teach a child how to name and identify bird species, but rather to give them space to explore and feel connected to the natural world.

Visit the Audubon for Kids website here.

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