Bluebird Box House (Model# WWCH3)

Wild Wings


  • Crafted from insect and rot resistant Premium Cedar
  • Air vents allow for proper air ventilation through wall and floor openings
  • Clean-out door allows easy access to clean between broods
  • Predator guard extends the entrance hole to protect young birds against predators
  • Predator guard entry hole has a diameter of 1 1/2" 
    • Bluebird house body has an entry hole with a diameter of 1 9/16" to allow it to be used for both types of bluebirds
  • Fledgling kerfs provide extra grip for fledglings to climb out.
  • Constructed with rust-free hardware and stainless steel screws
  • Pole or flush mount
  • Water-based protective stain
  • Dimensions:  12”H x 5 1/2”W x 8 1/8”D  Weight: 2lbs 13oz

Attracts: Bluebirds, Tree Swallows, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Titmice, Wrens

Click here for tips on how to hang, mount and care for your Bluebird house.

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